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Pocket springs are commonly found in mattresses and furniture. Sometimes referred to as pocketed coils, mattress coils, inner-springs, or even by the trade names, marshal units or encapsulated coils, these springs give mattresses and furniture support and comfort.

Not all coils are the same, though. A Texas Pocket Spring is extraordinary due to our patented manufacturing process that ensures quality, comfort, and consistency in every pocket spring we make. Our patented pocket spring creates a durable, stable inner-spring that is as comfortable as it is easy to handle in the manufacturing process.

TPS's patented manufacturing process eliminates leaning coils which results in a consistent feel and a superior support system. It also allows our pocket spring modules to be pre-assembled into zoned mattress solutions customized for our customers’ specific product requirements.

Our patented pocket coil manufacturing system eliminates the need to turn the coil in its pocket during the manufacturing process, reducing stress on the non-woven fabric encasing the coil. This system creates a center closing seam which eliminates false loft crated by the top seam in conventional pocket coil construction.

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